Overcome Challenge and Embrace Opportunity

Legal skill is necessary for professional success, but legal ability alone is often not sufficient. Many attorneys do well because of their legal knowledge, but ultimately reach a career plateau that they struggle to move past on their own.

You would not have come this far in your career if you were not capable, and you hold within you the keys to further success. You may just need some objective insight to connect your abilities to the career advancement you seek.

Catherine Nathan works with lawyers who seek help on their own and also with lawyers whose organizations encourage them to seek coaching. Whether you are an attorney who aspires to a new legal position, or you simply want to develop the skills that will help you to shine in your current role, Catherine can help. She welcomes clients who come to her individually or through their organization seeking to maximize the potential of their in-house counsel.

Catherine spent years as a successful Wall Street attorney before transitioning into the legal search space. She founded the legal search practice at Spencer Stuart, a preeminent executive search firm, and rose to become one of the nation's foremost executive recruiters focusing on legal search. Respected for her sound judgment and sought after for her unique insight, gaining certification as an executive coach was a natural next step for Catherine. She now offers the benefit of her decades of experience to help you further unlock your career potential.