Who are Catherine's clients?

As a career coach for lawyers, Catherine works with attorneys who work in-house or in law firms, or who want to get back into the legal world following a period away from the law. Most of Catherine’s clients have years of legal experience and are fairly senior in their firm or legal department.

Many clients also seek coaching to help them decide on what is next after they leave the law. As Catherine has experience working on issues in both the for-profit and nonprofit worlds, she is unusually well-equipped to coach or consult on nonprofit opportunities for lawyers at all stages of their careers.

Catherine works with newly-hired general counsel, whether promoted from within or hired from outside the organization, to assist them with challenges during the onboarding process.

Catherine works with up-and-coming in-house lawyers in corporations, nonprofits and government to help them resolve challenges and realize their potential to move up to the general counsel position.

Catherine works with partners of law firms who seek advice and counsel on how to position themselves for potential in-house or nonprofit opportunities.

Catherine works with lawyers nearing the end of their careers who seek to continue working in a fulfilling position.

To learn more about attorney coaching, or to find out if working with Catherine is a good fit for your needs or those of your organization, contact Catherine Nathan to schedule a consultation.